Ramanuja Jayanthi

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Ramanuja Jayanti, also known as Sri Ramanuja Acharya Jayanti, is celebrated to pay tribute to the South Indian philosopher Ramanuja Acharya. Ramanuja Acharya was an Indian theologian and one of the foremost representatives of the Sri Vaishnavism tradition within Hinduism. His deep foundation for devotion was influential for the Bhakti movement. He was also the one who believed that worshiping Lord Vishnu was the only way that could help in attaining moksha or better-known salvation

Along with being a Vaishnavite saint, he has had a great influence on the devotional tradition as well. According to the Tamil solar calendar, Ramanuja Jayanti is celebrated in the month of Chithirai on Thiruvathira Nakshatra Day

How to celebrate Ramanuja Jayanti

As the doctrine and doctrine developed by Ramanuja holds utmost importance and applicability in this modern age, thus the birth anniversary of Ramanuja is not only celebrated with pomp but with great reverence and relevance.

In most areas of southern and northern India, devotees celebrate the day by making some special arrangements.
- Programs are held where the teachings and philosophy of Ramanuja are discussed.
- Devotees also offer a holy and holy bath to the idol or idol of the Utsav Murti (Ramanuja Acharya).
- In almost all temples, various Upanishads are recited with full devotion.
- In many Vaishnava monasteries, Ramanuja Jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigor.
- Devotees also observe Ramanuja Jayanti, pray to Lord Vishnu and make offerings to Brahmins.


The famous philosopher Ramanuja Acharya illustrated and defined the principles of Advaita Vedanta. He supported Vaishnavism and wandered across the country to make people aware of the ethics and teachings of Vaishnavism.

Ramanuja inspired the practice of Bhakti Yoga which focused on the importance of bhakti (devotion) on meditation. Bhakti Yoga aka Bhakti Marg is a spiritual practice within Hinduism centered on devotion to an individual God.

According to historical writings, Indian scholars were enlightened at the sight of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Ramanuja Acharya has many famous writings and sermons. The 9 most famous works of Ramanuja are known as Navratnas. He is widely revered by many Hindus; Especially in South India.

The birth story of Ramanuja

Once Keshav was a couple named Samayaji and Kantimati. Both of them lived righteous life and were very devoted but they were childless. Once a great sage named Thiruchachi Nambi visited the couple’s house and suggested they perform a yajna and pray to Lord Parthasarathy of Thiruvallikeni. This will fulfill his desire to have a son. According to the instructions, they both performed Yajna and also worshiped the deity with utmost dedication and devotion. For this, the gods were very pleased with his sincerity and so he blessed him with a son. When the child was born, there were many celestial marks, indicating that he is the incarnation of Lord Lakshman, the younger brother of Lord Rama.